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The Referral Program Lavinia Tue - Paintings & Plastic Art Works is free and allows Members to earn large sums of money by placing a link on their web pages, blogs or simply sending their personalized link to their friends from their phone, wherever they are, including on social networks. You can advertise our products in this way, whatever they are, original paintings or downloadable copies of them! Any sale made by us to the customers referred by you (who clicked on such a link and paid for the product) will generate a commission for the partner (which is you). The partner/s commission is 5 percent of the total value of the product and is applied to each paying customer that our partner brought to us.

What is necessary to do?

The process of registering and generating your personal link is very simple: After creating an account on this site, access the "My Profile" section of your account; then go to "My Affiliate Account" and from there click on "Register for an affiliate account". Choose from there the procedure by which you want to be paid, fill in all the required data, tick the agreement for the "Terms and conditions" of using this site, then press the "Continue" button. After successfully completing these operations - indicated by that display with a green stripe - you will notice that under "My Affiliate Account" a new link has appeared, namely "Custom Affiliate Tracking Code". Click on that link. On the page that will be displayed, you will notice a unique code, generated only for you (visible in the "Your Tracking Code" field), which will be automatically added to the personalized links that you will make. You can make as many links as you want, for any product, by simply clicking with the mouse in the "Tracking Link Generator" field, where you will see that the names of the products will appear; if you want your link to send to a specific product, then type in the respective box a few letters from its title, which will appear in its entirety in the box and you will be able to select it from there. After selection, your personalized link will automatically appear in the box below, visible under "Tracking Link". This is your link. Copy it and spread it! Your commissions will be visible in the "Transactions" column, this after the customer brought by you will pay for the ordered product or products. The money earned by you in this way will be paid to you through the payment method you specified during registration. We wish you SUCCESS and many gains obtained by recommending our products!

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